Salvatore (Sam) Battaglia, DC

Dr. Salvatore (Sam) Battaglia was born and raised in the Chicago-land area. He graduated from Fenwick College Preparatory High School in Oak Park in 1991 and attended University of Arizona, on a hockey scholarship. After sustaining a shoulder injury on the ice, he sought treatment from the team Chiropractors. Dr. Battaglia was astonished at the speed of his recovery, particularly when compared to other teammates who sought treatment through traditional allopathic medicine. This experience inspired Dr. Battaglia to undertake the study of chiropractic medicine.

Dr. Battaglia has been treating musculoskeletal pain/injuries since 2000 with Chiropractic / Physical Therapy and ancillary alternative methods (i.e. Graston technique, Acupuncture, Active/Passive Release Technique, and many other Physiological Therapies). Dr. Battaglia began utilizing the ARP Wave Therapy in 12/2013 and has never seen such dramatic positive subjective and objective results as with the ARP Wave protocols. He has personally seen the ARP Wave prevent and avoid surgery. The muscle eccentric/concentric contraction rate of 500 times per second can dramatically increase blood flow and healing rates; as well as strengthening above and beyond what traditional Physical Therapy can offer at only 2 times per second. The ARP Wave gives a patient an opportunity to get out of pain quicker, return to active pain-free ADL’s sooner, and prevent recurring chronic pain/injuries due to the superior strengthening protocols. Today, Dr. Battaglia’s extensive knowledge of healing, combined with his personal experience in practice has allowed him to sharpen his extraordinary recuperative powers, thus enabling him to shepherd his patients back to good health so they may also pursue their dreams.


Human Biology and Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, National University of Health Sciences


Exercise and Sports Sciences, University of Arizona


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