Allergies: The Great Shape-Shifters

Allergies: The Great Shape-Shifters

Spring and fall are usually very hard times of the year for anyone with allergies. An allergic reaction can cause the body to release more histamine, which in turn can cause more inflammation in your body. Inflammation is known to be associated with brain fog and depression. If someone is having an allergic reaction to histamines, that can also cause rapid breathing and/or pulse which a person may take as an anxiety or panic attack, instead of allergic reaction. People with allergies often feel more fatigue, brain fog, and have more sleep disturbances, plus all the physical symptoms. These issues can cause more mental health symptoms such as depression, irritability, anger, and anxiety. The main issue is for people with allergies to get the support they need if they are struggling. At the Center for Integrative and Functional Health and Wellness, we provide allergy testing and treatments that can greatly reduce or eliminate the effects of environmental allergies.

There are also food allergies, which many people don’t realize can contribute to mental health issues as well. There are different types of food allergies, although we usually only hear about the most severe allergic reactions to certain foods. However, many people can be sensitive to various foods, which they may not even realize. Some mental health symptoms that may occur after a person eats certain foods are: brain fog, depressive or anxious symptoms, moodiness, fatigue, and more cravings for those foods. Gluten, dairy and sugar may cause allergic symptoms but people are so used to feeling that way, they don’t realize they have sensitivities to these foods until they stop eating them. After removing these foods, people often notice a significant positive difference in how they feel physically, mentally and emotionally. At the Center for Integrative and Functional Health and Wellness, we also provide food allergy testing, sometimes testing is as simple as doing bloodwork. The truth is, not all healthy foods may be healthy for your body. Knowledge is power, so arm yourself to make the healthiest choices for your life!

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