Success Story ~RLL

I started to see Dr. Aimee for some family issues I couldn’t seem to figure out how to handle. I was going through a very difficult time with my family and having to learn boundaries. During this time Dr. Aimee really helped me become much stronger and taught me how to use boundaries. Along with this she helped me use techniques in changing all the negative behavior and thoughts in my life into positive. Using these techniques and boundaries to benefit myself and then in return the people around me. This change was very challenging and difficult at times but she really carried me through and I came out 100% stronger and unknowingly preparing myself for one of the most difficult times in my life! I went through an awful loss of someone very special to me and at the same time my marriage was falling apart and heading for divorce with 5 children. This divorce cost me everything! It cost me mentally, physically, and financially. If it wasn’t for Dr. Aimee and all her teachings I can honestly say I would have never made it through!! I somehow kept the faith during the worst of times and continued to grow and become stronger than ever. Dr. Aimee treats her patients as individuals with absolutely no judging. She has a true talent for switching even the worst of times into a positive life lesson that fuels you to move on and make the changes needed while never losing hope. Her knowledge in EVERYTHING has been amazing. I learned something every time I walked into her office. I know she is always there and even though this is her job, she does it from her heart. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her. ~RLL

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