Welcome, Dr. Eliza Bernas, M.D.!

Dr. Aimee & Associates is proud to welcome Dr. Eliza Bernas to our practice.

Eliza Bernas, M.D. is a family practitioner, who graduated from the University of Santo Tomas in 1985. She completed two different internships at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital and at the University of Illinois at Rockford. In addition, her family medicine residency was at the University of Illinois at Rockford.

Dr. Bernas states, “I have always thought of the practice of medicine as akin to being in a sports team. With many years of studies and specialized training behind me, I am able to quarterback the team towards, say, a touchdown. But yet a lone quarterback does not make a team. Just like there are offensive and defensive linemen, in my practice there are several well qualified healthcare personnel striving for one goal- the wellness of each and every patient. To that end I am fully committed in partnering with them to provide the community with the highest quality of medical care. I am interested in the full scope of family medicine but most especially in preventive health and women’s issues.”

Dr. Bernas provides family medicine for all ages.

Call to make an appointment today: (630) 980-1400.

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