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The Time, Personal Attention & Comfortable Care You Need.

We are a privately owned, state-of-the-art practice offering comprehensive counseling and coaching services with a very personal touch. We offer up-to-date medical and psychological care as well as a wide range of professional life coaching services – services that emphasize education, expansion and empowerment.

You will never be rushed through an appointment. Our doctors, counselors and coaches will give you the time you need to express your concerns, and take the time needed to answer all your questions. In fact, we encourage your questions and strive to keep you fully involved with and informed about your treatment.

Promptness is important to us, too. As a new client, we can schedule you quickly, usually within a few days. And, once you are here, we stay on schedule to eliminate “waiting time” and avoid any inconvenience to you.

Our administrative staff is friendly, professional and here to help you with scheduling, billing, insurance matters and anything else you may need in order to get the greatest personal benefit from every visit. You’ll find our office a very relaxed environment designed to help you feel comfortable and at-home during your visits.

Reach your full potential, conquer your fears and achieve your dreams. Empower yourself. Let Dr. Aimee & Associates help you realize what you’re capable of.
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