Fizza Razvi, Licensed Practicing Counselor, B.S

"I am a passionate, professional counselor who believes that every human has the inner potential to lead a content, and satisfying life. These are key ingredients for what we call ‘happiness’. However, we all encounter hurdles in our life that stem from physical or mental ailments that can stifle our happiness. However, the good news is that just like the body can be healed our mind can also be healed allowing it to open up to all kinds of wondrous possibilities.
I understand that seeking mental health is difficult for most of us because of the social stigma it carries. In reality it is a biological process just like healing our bodies, with the difference that it is physically obscure and therefore hard to understand. Nonetheless, research has provided us with heaps of modalities that have proved to work in healing us through therapy, counseling, and medications. As a therapist I am genuinely committed to using my knowledge, and passion to provide my clients with the best treatment suitable for their individual needs. I see all people who come to me as respectable humans who harbor the potential to heal themselves so they can lead content and satisfying lives. 
I see each individual as a unique being who will respond to his or her own unique treatment plan. Therefore I use a variety of modalities from talk therapy, to the various Cognitive Behavior Therapies, Positive Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy among others, based on the needs of the individual. I also believe integrative and functional treatment methods are critical as I see the person as a whole. 
I am a Licensed Practicing Counselor and comfortable working with all ages. My certifications include Domestic Violence, Anger Management, Child Abuse, Partner Abuse Intervention Program etc. With a BS in Special Education for Learning Disabilities and Emotional Behavior Disorders, I am able to use interventions with children and youth and enjoy working with them. I am sensitive to diversity and understand and respect our differences, leaving my personal beliefs outside of my practice."

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