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Dr. Aimee and Associates Empowers People and Changes Lives

Monday, March 7, 2016

Daily Herald, Business Insight
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Ask any participant about the effects of making it through the Daily Herald's Fittest Loser Challenge and you'll likely hear the words "life-changing." If you're not a contestant, however, how do you forge a path to health and wellness? 

You could consider joining a Peak Wellness Program, an educational and curriculum-based lifestyle program at Dr. Aimee and Associates. The programs are individually designed to help people reclaim health and vitality.

"We're essentially creating a true road map to health and wellness that really works," explained Dr. Aimee Harris-Newon, an integrative clinical and health psychologist. 

The certified hypnotherapist, coach and Reiki master and her team are celebrating a fourth year this May at their integrative health and wellness center in Bloomingdale. In April, they will open a new wellness center in Hinsdale and in the summer, the Bloomingdale location will expand to include a yoga studio, a kitchen for healthy cooking classes and a whole range of additional services to empower people and change lives. 

"Our services are very different from what most people have come to expect asthe standard of care with today's mainstream healthcare," Harris-Newon said. "We takea'whole person' approach to health and wellness, with a special emphasis on understanding the root cause of our clients' and patients' concerns. We honor and respect our clients and treat the body, mind and spirit." 

The center offers traditional and holistic health and wellness services – both Eastern and Western health approaches – that include but are not limited to integrative family medicine; psychology and counseling; psychiatry for children, adolescents and adults; health and success coaching, hypnotherapy; integrative chiropractic and functional medicine (Lifestyle Medicine); traditional Chinese medicine; acupuncture; massage; Reiki; and cranialsacral therapy. 

Harris-Newon, who has been practicing for over 20 years, cautions against hopping onto trends, but to stick to what's tried and true regarding health and wellness. 

"The 'secret' to health and wellness isn't a secret at all – it's about balance – healthy foods that are healthy for YOUR body, exercise that is suited for your body, stress management, and something that adds joy and stirs your soul," she said. 

Dr. Aimee and Associates chose to partner with the Daily Herald's Fittest Loser Challenge to show support to everyone who is taking control of his or her health. 

"With today's foods, high-stress lifestyles and constant demands, if we're not actively working toward creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it's simply a matter of when, not if, we or a loved one (will) become ill or diagnosed with a disease that most always is preventable by making healthy lifestyle choices," she said. "To everyone involved in the Fittest Loser Challenge, Dr. Aimee and Associates applauds you!" 

Harris-Newon says everyone in her office are role models for living a healthy lifestyle, and she is coaching a team participating in the Fittest Loser At Work challenge. "I, too, am 'walking the walk' along with the rest of our team," she said. Additionally, her office is offering special deals to others participating in the At Work challenge.

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