Colin Ryan

located in Bloomingdale, IL



About Dr. Ryan

Hi. Welcome to my biography, which I promise will be short! First job, being a present father. As a psychologist, I practice brief, short-term therapy using evidence-based treatments and psychological testing. The Power of regenerative health is what brought me to the Wellness center. I encourage an individual to place energy on their strengths, building off them to have a successful outcome. We all have strengths, often they are lost amongst the chaos of life. There’s a daily need in my life, for stillness and contemplation. I often ask for help in my own life, allowing for the practice of humility. My therapeutic style is to challenge comfort and continue to grow. My style is direct. I comfort the disturbed, while disturbing the comfortable. If you’re willing, honest, and open, I’m your clinician. Green is to grow; ripe is rot!

Areas of expertise: Psychological and Neurological Testing Academic Testing IEP testing ACT/SAT Testing for accommodations Personality Testing To determine underlying personality issues impacting patient Assess treatment resistant disorders Career Testing Testing to help identify potential career paths and personal strengths Planning for early career or mid-career changes Cognitive and Behavioral Testing Aptitude Testing Functional Behavioral Assessment Neuro Testing Personality Disorders Cluster B and C disorders Anxiety Disorders Panic disorders Obsessive Compulsive Disorders Impulsive Control Disorders Mood Disorders Treatment Resistant Depression Bi Polar Disorders Persistent Depression Marital Issues including recently divorced individuals Recently Divorced Separated Contemplating Divorce