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Medication Management

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Bipolar Disorder

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Medical Services

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Pain Management

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Gut Health

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Medical Weight Loss

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Back Pain

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Neck Pain

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Chronic Illness

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service image - Hormone Imbalance

Hormone Imbalance

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Physical Therapy

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Joint Pain

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Ketamine Infusions

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Knee Pain


Words from our patients

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    "Thank you Dr.Aimee and Dr. Bernas for everything you’ve done for me and doing for others!!!"

    Terri M.
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    "TMS was so fast and calming, I had been depressed with server migraine and now free of both since May 14, 2020. Thank you CIFHW for all your care."

    Leslie W.
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    "Dr. Husain helped me tremendously in managing and fixing my sleep schedule and overcoming my anxiety issues."

    Rob B.
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    "I totally recommend this practice to anyone who is looking to improve their life style and health."

    Mike W.
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    "I have recommended this practice to everyone I know who has a sincere interest in finally being happy and healthy again. Thanks Dr. Aimee!"

    Carrie M.
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    "Their approach is thorough and complete with state of the art resources in natural and functional medicine. I highly recommend them."

    Carole L.
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    "The Center is truly integrative and all the practitioners are well trained. I strongly suggest you check them out for whatever ails you"

    Annie M.
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    "We have been coming to this center for a couple of years now and have truly benefited coming. The staff is very friendly and very knowledgeable."

    Fran B.
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